“In comparison, Cihh is a fishing village in both size and architecture 6compared to Dwarfshold.” Lontain, the Wandering Bard


Nation: Dwarf
Region: Giant Peak Mountains
Size: Metropolis
Population: 250,000(City)
Demographics: 70% Dwarf, 20% gnome, 5% Halfling, 5% other/unknown
Government: Merchant Consortium
Alignment: Lawful Good
Leader: Elder Council
Lord: Uris Warhammer
Imports: Food, Exotic Materials, Wood
Exports: Metal, Metal Goods
Taxes: light (Magic, Trade)


The grand city of the dwarves, Dwarfshold was built in the valley where the Timid River forms from mountain streams. Both the east and west mountains are now covered with buildings and honeycombed with tunnels and areas of both crafting and habitation.

City Sections:

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