“It has been claimed that I made a deal with a devil at the crossroads to learn to play, this is very much a lie as I never met a Devil that would to inhabit such a desolate place.” Lontain, the Wandering Bard

Creatures from the out planes, Devils are lawful but fond of twisting the laws to meet their needs. Most devils are brought to the plane by wizards whom enter into packs with the beings, but this is dangerous as one wrong word or weakness in binding and a devil will lash out to kill who ever they can and take their souls back to the hells with them.

Defeating devils is hard as these creates are resistant to many elements, and some can even throw off the powers of magic in its raw form. Luckily, a devil banished back to hell cannot return for 100 years so ending one, at least for most humans is a permanent solution.

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