Wild Islands

“No one would every consider the Wild Islands tame, for a place so close to some of the largest and most powerful cities and empires. I have never known a place to so completely protect itself from laws as the islands” Lontain, the Wandering Bard


The Wild Islands are located two weeks south of the Port of Cihh by galley. They are technically part of the Kingdom of Tem, but in name and tribute only. Many Tem nobles keep entire islands as their personal lands, but most islands are self sustaining and deal with the kingdom rarely. In the past, many pirates and those running found that, for coins to Tem, one could live and use the islands with little impunity from the outside world.

Before the Islands were “civilized” they were inhabited by tribes of humans living in small coastal villages. While now many of the current inhabitants exhibit characteristics of these people, as a society they have no longer exist. The only remains of their culture is the names of many of the islands, and some mythology about them.

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Wild Islands

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