“Not all justice comes of courts and law, some men adhere to a strict code and administer a type of frontier justice.” Lontain the Wandering Bard

Faction Information:

Originally founded by a group of ex-soldiers who moved to the Griffin Flats, the Wardens are a loose group of a few hundred men and woman that patrol the free areas and administer law to the scattered communities in the region. The Warden’s do not have a main base of operations, but maintain a few large homesteads and some buildings in the larger villages in the area.

With no need for keeping records, those who aid a Warden will be given a Warden’s Medal. This token not only tells other Wardens that a person is trustworthy, but marks them as a friend to the people of the Griffin Flats. The warden’s maintain a small fortification in the southern Griffin Flats near the border to the southern kingdoms.

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