Town of Timber Thicket

“If ever their was a quiet place, where a days work earned a days wage and people lived generally good lives, it would be Timber Thicket.” Lontain, the Wandering Bard


Nation: Pirnit
Region: Old South Road
Size: Town
Population: 1500(town) 2200(outlying)
Demographics: 70% Human, 10% Dwarf, 7% Elf, 3% 1/2 Breeds, 1% Orc, 1% gnome, 1% Halfling, 6% other/unknown
Government: Council and Mayor
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Leader: Jeric
Lord: Councilor of Pirnit
Imports: Metal Goods, Grain, Cloth,
Exports: Wood, Wood products, Leather, Herbs
Taxes: Light (Gate, Goods, Horse, Sword)


Timber Thicket is located at the edge of the Hoary Forest where the forest road meets the old south road. While a peaceful town, it has a larger contingent of town watch due to its location. Wood cutting and wood craft make up the majority of the towns jobs, with gathering from the forest and tanneries being the only other industries. Wooden goods from Timber Thicket are highly prized for their quality and the skill that comes from generations of teaching and tradition. Despite its location on the old south road, besides merchant caravans, Timber Thicket does not see many travelers. Besides the standard festivals (spring, fall, solstice) Timber Thicket also celebrates the night of tales on the 10th day of Quilk in honor of Lontain the Wandering Bard.

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Town of Timber Thicket

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