“There a few places that even I thought odd, but Tonaltzintli in the wild islands, a jungle mountain island is not normal anywhere.”Lontain The Wandering Bard


Tonaltzintli is part of the Wild Islands, and as such is technically part of the Kingdom of Tem, but is you came to this islands you would never know it.

Tonaltzintli is an oddity, nearly 15 miles north to south and 22 east to west. The island has a large, plateaued mountain in the middle, a thin band of flat jungle and beaches wrapping completely around it. While an island mountain is odd, it is much more odd that none of the other Wild Islands are this way, with even the nearby islands rising no more then tens of feet above the ocean at high tide.

There are two small villages located on the island, in the north east the village has a deep water dock and Tem’s Secret. The southern village, which is closer to Tem and much larger then its north eastern cousin, has a small constabulary and sees regular visits from various Tem, and other nobles.

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