Timid River

“While the people who live on the Timid River call it such, according to a jaut stone, it is one of the rivers blessed with the waters of Cret” Lontain, the Wandering Bard


Originating in the Giant Peak Mountains the Timid river flows south from Dwarfshold through the Griffin Flats, turning east at River Vale and emptying into the sea at Trade Haven. Throughout the Griffin Flats small villages and homesteads are located along the river, many buying and selling goods and services to the many barges and river vessels that travel on it. The river is named for the pace at which it flows into the sea, and this name has cost many new river captains their cargo and lives. Before flattening out near the sea, the Timid river is very fast moving at places and winds east making for some very treacherous curves. Because of the speed of the river, vessels are build in Dwarfshold and either converted to shallow water barges or scrapped when they reach Trade Haven.

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Timid River

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