Shattering War

“Great deeds and great men took hold of their destiny, but in the end, their names have faded and their causes flicker out.” Excerpt from Lontain and the two day King

The Shattering War was the last, and major event in the Broken Sword Wars period (and how this time gained its name). While much of the details have been lost, what is known is this was the last time when the Southern Kingdoms where one unified Kingdom.

The War lasted only three years and ended at the Battle of Gory Rock when the forces of Greskin (bearing the heraldry of Greskin, a single, double edged sword) met to do battle against a much smaller force made up of rebels, Dwarven glory seekers and nomads in the Gory Badlands. The battle was nearly a slaughter until one of the King of Greskin’s cousins tried to seize a small shift in the battle to end the King and take the crown himself. While the King’s cousin was not successful (one does not become a war king and fall to a dagger from a politician very often) during the struggle, the King’s cousin struck the King’s bannerman and caused him to drop the Standard of the Sword. Seeing the banner fall, the banner that had for generations waved above the victories of Greskin demoralized its troops. Seizing the opportunity, a band of Dwarven warriors cut through the King’s Guard and killed the King of Greskin. While the battle ended in a Greskin victory (not a prisoner was taken to avenge their King) the infighting in court lead to the Southern Kingdoms being shattered as anyone with some power, money or influence grabbed a “kingdom” for themself.

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Shattering War

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