River Vale

“Be careful not to ride your horse to fast and sneeze, otherwise you may miss River Vale.” Lontain, the Wandering Bard


Nation: None
Region: Griffin Flats
Size: Village
Population: 600(town) 800(outlying)
Demographics: 85% Human, 5% Dwarf, 3% 1/2 Breeds, 7% other/unknown
Government: Town Elders
Alignment: Neutral Good
Leader: N/A
Lord: N/A
Imports: Finished Goods
Exports: Food, Herbs, Horses
Taxes: None


The Village of River Vale is located East of the Hoary Forest at the spot where the Timid River turns east toward the sea. This small, and rather unremarkable village serves as a gathering point for farmers and ranchers that live in the southern parts of the Griffin Flats. After harvest/slaughter extra food is sold to river barges that are heading toward the ocean with either similar cargo from the northern Griffin Flats or goods from Dwarfshold to the north.

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River Vale

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