Hoary Forest

“It is believed among my companions that nothing good can be found at the heart of the Hoary Forest, so I set out to prove them wrong.” The beginning of the tale of Lontain and the Pixie Queen


The Hoary Forest is a large expanse on the eastern side of Pirnit. Most of the forest is considered wilds, a few settlements dot the western edge, the largest of which being the Town of Timber Thicket. Pirnit considers its boarder to bisect the forest, but any sign of civilization besides the forest road can’t be found more than five miles from the old south road on the forest’s western boarder.

Many travelers heading east will go north or south rather then taking the forest road thru the forest. While the forest is not overly dangerous, it does boast populations of wolves and worse that can be a poor end to those going thru it. Most towns and villages near it keep thick wooden walls around them to protect them from things coming out of the forest, but this is a precaution more then it is a reaction.

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Hoary Forest

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