“I once new a man from Greskin, he was a rarity indeed, never lied, never plotted and had no ambition to rule, but I only knew him after he was killed.” Excerpt from Lontain and the two day King

Greskin, like Tem has for many generations had a stable government. While its borders have shifted, recently this has been expansion and now Greskin claims most of the northern region of the Southern Kingdoms. While Tem has kept its power through the shadows, Greskin has done it with any and all means necessary, to include everything from open war to assassinations. Greskin currently holds claim to about 15% of the entire Southern Kingdoms with its’ recent victory and annexation of a small group of independent rulers and city states.

Before the Shattering War, the rulers of Greskin held domance over the the entire Southern Kingdoms, the Freebooter Coast and the Griffin Flats south of the Timid River.

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