Warden's Medal

A Token Given to those who aid the Wardens


These medal’s are made or either copper or bronze and are affixed to a simple string so they may be worn around the neck. While wearing one of these medals you gain a +5 to your diplomacy when dealing with Wardens or people who live on the Griffin Flats. Also, while wearing a Warden’s Medal, any survival checks to locate food or shelter on the Griffin Flats receive a +2 divine bonus.


As Wardens travel through the Griffin Flats they watch for pieces of copper and bronze left in soil deposits left by Griffins. After cleaning the metal, a Warden will attach the natural round medal to a simple cord and etch certain symbols into it to include that Warden’s mark, what year it was made and other marks. One of the few secrets of the Warden’s is how they can tell an authentic medal from a forgery almost instantly.

Warden's Medal

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