Steelside Crossbow

+1 Light Crossbow

weapon (ranged)

A steel side crossbow is a +1 light cross bow that can also be used as a +1 heavy mace (2 handed only). When fired, if a steel hide crossbow succeeds in critically hitting, the target must make a DC 15 Fort save of be shaken for 1d4 rounds.


This Dwarven made crossbow consist of the hardest mountain woods reinforced with steel and the stock is studded with bronze rivets. This crossbow was used by the famed steel hide brigade at the last stand of Kern’in Vare. The Dwarves of the steel brigade held their position against 3 troll onslaughts after they had already run out of ammunition. Many years later a dwarven expedition brought back over 200 of these crossbows and the schematics to make them from the ruins of Kern’in Vare.

Steelside Crossbow

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