Peasant's Pike

+2 Long Spear

weapon (melee)

This is a +2 Long Spear


While some places boast of armies of professionals, most Kingdoms levee troops only when needed, this makes for many peasants and less wealthy members of society suddenly finding themselves conscripted. Some commanders may view these troops as expendable, or use them to plug wholes in their army, any commander who has lived past a battle or 2 knows how these troops operate, poorly at best and likely to route at any time. These commanders know that while hard to use these troops are not useless, having them armed with spears and heavy shields is common, they can defend hard cover well and stop all but the heaviest of cavalry. Long spears like this have been in the hands of hundreds of men, most fall, others simply return the weapon to the arms master after a battle because peasants are not expected to maintain their weapons, they would most likely take them and sell them in town for a few silver if they had the chance.

Peasant's Pike

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