Island Poultice

A healing salve


Applying an Island Poultice takes a standard action. When applied, a character recovers 2d6+1hp, for 5 turns after the poultice is applied they also gain 1hp and +4 on fortitude saves vs. disease and poison. The Poultice can only be applied to a fresh wound, and only one poultice can be applied per day. Island Poultice does not count as magical healing.


By combining special herbs and creating bandages with seaweed only found in the wild islands, a healer or alchemist can make the very potent island poultice. While this is not magic as a cleric would heal, the restoritive properties of the herbs combined with the sea weed create a near divine healing item that can be carried without worry of being broken by hard falls or lucky blows.

During the 3rd (and final) pacification of the wild islands, Tem mercenaries thought the islanders were unkillable as when wounded they would fall back and after only a few moments return to the fight without any divine magic being used. It was not until the ships of Tem took control of the nearby sea that this stopped, as the tribal healers could no longer gather the seaweed needed to complete the poultice.

Island Poultice

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