Hunting Spear

+1 Throwing Spear

weapon (ranged)

A Hunting Spear is considered a +1 spear with a range of 40ft but because of its lightness it cannot be used to brace.

A Hunting Spear has 2 abilities that only active when the spear is thrown.
1: If the spear is used by a ranger against a favored enemy, the weapon does an additional 2 damage
2: Any target hit by a Hunting Spear must make a DC 15 save, or cannot perform a move action until after the throwers next turn.


Made of a light, flexible wood with a old bone head affixed by leather thongs. The head of the spear is a carved piece of ancient and yellow bone that has been affixed to many shafts before this one. For over 100 spawnings a hunter of the Ullgrug Boogard tribe has used this spear in rituals and hunts. Since the coming of the Cloaked Figure, like the old gods, this spear was cast aside for new metal weapons and manufactured goods.

Hunting Spear

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