Greaves Family Crest


A fine silver necklace in the shape of am anchor, skull, and crossbones. Sapphires adorn the eye sockets of the skull. Allows the wearer to breathe underwater for one hour a per day.


A symbol of an older time, this necklace was shaped in the form of the Greaves Family Crest. Once the Greaves’ were counted among the most feared pirates on the Freebooter Coast. The line of great seadogs was ended with Charles Greaves hanging more then 40 years ago.

This necklace was commissioned by his grandson William after the incident with the Shadowlord Ascendant in the Mines of Tem. It was created by Maltherek Grey when experimenting with magical auras and energies. The strange magic of the rose quartz imbued the crest with an affinity to the sea.

Greaves Family Crest

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