Flame of Truth

+1 Flaming Greatsword

weapon (melee)

This is a +1 Great Sword with the flaming property. Once per day the wielder of the sword can, as a swift action, for one turn give himself +4 Str and any attacks he makes this turn ignore all DR. This is a supernatural ability.


During the Age of Edification, the small hamlet of Wayshire found itself ruled by a corrupt politician who was working on increasing the size of his holdings. As time went on more of the production of the village was being taxed to the point of starting to starve. One day one of the villagers who was cutting wood discovered an old sword half buried in the small stream. Feeling that this was his chance (as the town had no real weapons and the politician, using the taxes had hired a few bandits to hold his claim) the villager took the giant sword into town, its blade wreathed in fire, where with a huge feat of strength cut down the first bandit. He was then shot twice with crossbows and died in the town square. When the politician went to pick up the sword, the bandits, knowing that this blade was worth far more then they were being paid shot him down, took the sword and left the small hamlet. Some years later this sword, along with many other items were taken by the inquisition after raiding a bandit strong hold. This sword, and many others have been sitting unused in an old storeroom at the main base of the inquisition since then, forgotten by all but those who work in logistics and supply for the organization.

Flame of Truth

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