Fairy Bottle

A Magic Bottle


This bottle turns any liquid poured into it into a high quality drink tailored to what the drinker most enjoys. It will purify anything in it, but if the drink is poured into any other container it reverts to what it was originally, so it can only be drank from the bottle. The bottle can be filled and emptied only two times per day normally, but can be used endlessly on Winter Solstice, Thawing and Harvest.


In the hall of the Fairy Queen, many mundane items pick up small traces of magic. One of the most prized of these items are Fairy Bottles, which have so many different drinks poured into and out of them eventually will start dispensing whatever the holder most enjoys, but only directly into their mouth. Adventurers that amuse the Queen and her court have been known to be given these bottles so that they can always remember the good times that they had at the Fairy Queens court. While these bottles cannot be broken, if someone tried to use them for nefarious deeds, they will fall to the ground and roll back to the Fairy Queen (by way of the closest patch of grass or trees).

Fairy Bottle

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