Chiltini's Skull

A magic Skull


Once per week, a witch in possession of Chiltini’s Skull can use the greater hex Vision without having this hex. Also, anyone in possession of Chiltini’s skull gains +2 to checks made for brewing potions or craft alchemy. The skull also contains the spirit of Chiltini, and he can come forth if asked, or if he feels the need to, but he can do little beyond communicate now.


Chiltini was the last Shaman of the Wild Islands, and he forsook his people during the 3rd (and final) pacification of the wild islands to protect Tonaltzintli, the island of the ancients. His devotion was so strong that, when he dies in the Questz cave, his spirit was able to take form and substance to continue his task. He was tricked by a hag into lowering his wards so she could help him remove the taint that was growing, but once he did she sealed him into his tomb and went about her evil ways. When the party destroyed her and ended her corruption, he knew his time was over and he gave, in thanks to the party, all he had left, his very bones.

Chiltini's Skull

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