Amulet of the Warmage's Apprentice

A magic amulet


The Amulet of the Warmage’s Apprentice has 2 functions:
1: When preparing spells, the caster can choose to prepare mage armor into the amulet (if he has the spell), the spell will then be active all day, using this ability counts as having choosen the spell and then casting it.
2: Once per day the wearer of the amulet can activate it to cast protection from arrows on themselves as a level 3 caster.


During the Frontier War, the Mage’s guild noticed that the number of warmages was lessening, and very few apprentices were living long enough to fill the ranks. Apparently the people of the frontier had a habit of sending hunters to pick off wizards during all hours of the night along with on the battle field. The Mage’s guild, to protect their numbers started to instruct apprentices to always have protection spells up, and more prepared. As the war drug on, many apprentices started to notice that their guild amulet was helping sustain their protection spells for far longer then they could on their own.

Amulet of the Warmage's Apprentice

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