An ill tempered were-rat wizard



AC: 24, Flat Footed 20, Touch 22 (+3 dex, +1 dodge, +2 natural, +8 magic)
HP: 27
(Fort:6) (Ref:4) (Will:5)
Defensive Abilities: 10/Silver
Defensive Buffs: Shield (lvl 3), Mage Armor (lvl 3)


Speed: 30ft
Melee: Dagger 3 (1d41 19/20×2), Bite -3 (1d4 Plus Disease and Curse of Lycanthropy
Ranged: Ray of Frost 5 touch (1d31 frost), Blinding Ray +5 touch (30ft)(blinded one round)(5tpd)
Spells: Silent Image, Magic Missile, Mage Armor(a), Shield(a), Invisibility, Scorching Ray, Summon Swarm (rats)


Str: 13 Dex: 17 Con: 16 Int: 14 Wis: 14 Cha: 8
Bab: +1 CMB: +2 CMD: 15
Feats: Dodge, Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus Ray
SQ: Shape Change

Special Abilities

Disease (ex) Filth Fever DC 15


MW Dagger
250 gold
20 gems (15gp each)
Savage Tooth Necklace


Speaking with a very think foreign accent (Irish) this ill tempered were-rat was using his magic in combination with favors and things from the Cloaked Figure to make the Boggard’s jam up the Timid River and stop trade on it. He commanded a few make shift Golems (made from crude house hold items such as brooms and mops) along with a small force of Boggards who were defending a crude alter that was somehow creating the log jam.

He was dressed in a dirty, red stained robe with a blue, star covered pointed wizards hat.


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