Maltherek Grey


Maltherek Grey. Son of the farmer Dalton and his wife, Mirielle. Young and Ambitious. Yearning for respect and influence. He will make a mark on the world.

As far as most people in Timber Thicket are concerned, Maltherek is his father’s son with the same (although less) crackpot quirks. His father, Dalton Grey, is little more than a hedge wizard. As some of the townspeople tell it, he uses magic to give himself an unfair edge over his fellow farmers. Save for a few bits of arcane help here and there, he is a more or less the town joke. Those who seek his aid or advice do it in secret, lest they be scorned for taking old man Dalton seriously. A kind man, Dalton does not mind his low standing and helps those who ask even when they are ashamed to admit publicly where they found the answer to their problems. He is openly respected only by the smallest younglings but is content to raise his son and live in his role. He has peace believing his son will have a strong life and that he and his beautiful but mute wife have done well and have much time to enjoy life together. It’s all he ever wanted.

Maltherek loves his father, but does not understand how he can live without anyone paying him the respect he deserves for his services about town. More crops than the Greyland Plot have arcane fertilizer and perks and often when he’s hot with anger, Mal will threaten to reveal exactly who else in the town covertly accepts help from his family while scorning them publicly. Mal is overly protective of his mother and his friends have learned not to slight her even in the joking banter of adolescent friends.

Mako Greenbriar is Mal’s partner is crime. He’s the muscle to Mal’s mind with a mischevious streak that is unrivaled in his generation of Timber Thicket youth. He’s usually trying to get in trouble or make money and preferably both. He knows exactly what buttons to push to get Mal to join him in his latest caper. Mal’s life would be simpler and far more boring without Mako around. In turn, Mal’s talked or thought Mako out of situations he wouldn’t have been able to get out otherwise. The two have a solid friendship and are as close as brothers.

Mal is determined to take the magic his father taught him as far as he has to in order to make the world respect the Mages Grey.

Maltherek Grey

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